When designing or selecting a bathroom type, it's important to consider the available space, the number of users, and the desired functionality and style.

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  • Come in various types and styles, catering to different preferences, needs, and spatial constraints.

Types of Bathrooms


Master Bathroom

  • Typically attached to the master bedroom.

  • Larger in size and often includes luxury features like a spa tub, separate shower, and dual sinks.


Full Bathroom

  • Contains a toilet, sink, bathtub, and/or shower.

  • Commonly found in bedrooms or shared spaces in homes.


Half Bathroom (Powder Room)

  • Includes a toilet and a sink but lacks a shower or bathtub.

  • Usually situated near living or entertaining areas for guests' convenience.


Three-Quarter Bathroom

  • Features a toilet, sink, and a shower (but no bathtub).


Family Bathroom

  • Designed for use by multiple family members.

  • May include features like double sinks or a combination of tub and shower.


Jack and Jill Bathroom

  • Shared by two bedrooms and has entrances from both rooms.

  • Often features two sinks, allowing for simultaneous use.


Accessible Bathroom

  • Designed for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities.

  • Includes features such as grab bars, wider doorways, and accessible fixtures.


Ensuite Bathroom

  • Connected directly to a bedroom, providing private access.

  • Can be a master bathroom or a secondary bedroom's exclusive bathroom.


Wet Room

  • A waterproofed bathroom where the entire space is designed for water exposure.

  • Typically includes a shower area without separate enclosures.


Compact or Cloakroom Bathroom

  • Small bathroom typically containing only essential fixtures (toilet and sink).

  • Commonly found in smaller homes or as an additional bathroom.


Vintage or Retro Bathroom

  • Designed to evoke a specific era's style, often featuring period-appropriate fixtures and decor.


Spa Bathroom

  • Focuses on creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.
  • May include features like a whirlpool tub, steam shower, or luxurious finishes.