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Garages are a structure or enclosed space typically attached to a house or situated separately on a property, used for parking vehicles, storage, or as a workspace. Garages are designed to shelter vehicles from the elements, provide secure storage for belongings, and often serve as a workshop or hobby area.

Types of Types of Garages:

garage 1.jpg

Attached Garage

Connected to the main structure of the house, usually accessible through a door within the house itself. Provides convenient access to vehicles and additional storage space.

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Detached Garage

A standalone structure separate from the main house. Often used when there isn't enough space or when homeowners want to keep certain activities or messes away from the main dwelling.

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Integrated Garage

This type of garage is built into the design of the house, but it is not directly accessible from the living area. Instead, it may have a separate entrance from the outside or through a connecting hallway.

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A partially covered structure typically consisting of a roof supported by pillars or beams. Provides shelter for vehicles without fully enclosing them. It's often more cost-effective than building a fully enclosed garage.

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Workshop Garage

Designed specifically for DIY projects, repairs, or hobbies. Typically equipped with workbenches, storage shelves, and tools to facilitate various tasks.

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Multi-car Garage

Larger garages designed to accommodate more than two vehicles. They can be attached, detached, or integrated depending on the homeowner's preference and space availability.

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RV Garage

Extra tall and wide garages designed to house recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, campers, or boats. They usually have taller doors and higher ceilings to accommodate the size of these vehicles.

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Garage Apartment or Studio

A garage with living quarters built above it. This type of garage serves a dual purpose, providing both vehicle storage and additional living space.

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Storage Garage

Primarily used for storing items other than vehicles, such as seasonal decorations, gardening equipment, or household overflow. They may or may not have space for a vehicle.

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Commercial Garage

Larger-scale garages used for businesses, such as auto repair shops, car dealerships, or storage facilities. These garages often have multiple bays and specialized equipment for servicing vehicles.